vanity address generator for Stellar


Usage and Performance

How to use this site?

Just enter suffix you want to see in public key and hit generate. Public and secret keys will be generated which you can copy and save.

I want to see some generated address pairs.

Following are some public-secret key pairs generated by this site. Please don't use them as-is, since secret key is publicly visible. Generate your own keys.



How fast can it generate addresses?

The current implementation is terribly slow, and since code runs inside your browser it entirely depends upon how fast your machine is. Following are some of the sample numbers indicating how fast it generates on Macbook Pro (2014) in chrome browser for different sizes of the suffix (Your mileage may vary):

1-letter suffix = < 500 milliseconds
2-letter suffix = < 10 seconds
3-letter suffix = 1-10 minutes
4-letter suffix = 30-120 minutes
5 or more = not-tested

But why it runs on my machine and why not on powerful servers?

For security reasons. See security section below.


How can I trust you with secret key generation?

Good, you should be asking questions like this more often. First of all, the key generation process runs entirely on your machine once you hit generate button. Nothing goes to the server. You can view the source code of the site using view-source and see what it does. I deliberately kept non-minified javascript code (sans external libraries). Also, entire source of this site is opensource and available on bitbucket. All the javascript libraries used are well-tested, so they too don't leak any information as far as know. Please don't run this on an insecure computer and use generated keys though.

But still, I can't trust you.

Good going again, you shouldn't be trusting any random dude on the internet. If you are extra paranoid, download the source from bitbucket, open index.html, disconnect from the internet, generate keys, copy and save keys, close index.html and delete the source code. :)

What other security measures I should take?

Only access your online wallet on a safe device (with antivirus/no suspicious software/miners etc.), never store your secret key somewhere unsafe (e.g. unencrypted text file/note). Verify the domain of the site you visit. e.g. this site is served on Scammers may create sites such as or etc, which might look like this site. Don't use such sites. This site will never communicate with you any pre-generated vanity addresses via mail etc. Any secret key which is known to anybody else other than you is compromised key and you shouldn't be using it.


It's damn slow. Where is the faster version?

Its a work in progress. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, you can open multiple browser tabs and start the generation with the same suffix in parallel. But keep the number of tabs less than the number of available processor cores on your machine.